“Growing up struggling with my weight and a food, made finding a healthy balance in life as an adult quite the difficult task. Amy has spent time talking with me, coaching me and teaching me about different foods and recipes. She has helped me realize that it is all about me… me as an individual. What do I like to eat? How do I like to move and exercise? So often we are fed by various forms of media what we should do, and little thought is given to what we enjoy doing. No wonder things haven’t stuck in the past!  I now know I have to find the reasons WHY I am overeating and deal with those to be successful with food. Amy has helped me learn to pay better attention to myself, my mind and how I feel emotionally, and my body and how it feels physically. She has helped me to see beauty in myself every day (even the days I “feel fat”). She’s given me the tools to value myself and to love myself enough to take care of my body.”

“There are too many women who give too much of a shit about too much shit that doesn’t really matter and Amy doesn’t give too much of a shit about shit that doesn’t really matter. And that is special and necessary. She laughs a lot and makes other people laugh and that is maybe the best thing anyone can do for anyone else. Amy reminds me that I qualify for a good life.”

“Amy makes learning about nutrition and fun and engaging. Our group laughed and learned in a non-threatening atmosphere…and we got to try some great food too!”

“Amy writes menus for the group home I work at. Before she came on board I had very little cooking experience.  The new menus she has created and the training she has given has literally been teaching me how to cook and it’s been really fun to learn to skills and feel better about the food I’m preparing for the clients.”

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