Initial visit (approx 50 minutes) In this session we will go over a nutrition assessment, basic medical, food and exercise history. We will chat about concerns you may have and goals you want to achieve.

Follow up sessions (approx 30-50 minutes) The length of these sessions will be determined on what you and I decide would be most helpful to you. Lots of different things can happen in these sessions! We might meet at a grocery store or restaurant sometimes. We’ll go over how you have been doing since we met last, discuss challenges and hurdles, set goals, and give high fives. These sessions are catered to specifically to YOU.

INSURANCE: Regence, Cigna, OHP/Care Oregon, United, Pacific Source, Moda.

I offer a free 15-20 minute phone call for us to chat and figure out if we are the right fit. Text, email, or call to schedule that!

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