Personally… Oregon born and raised and am into all the Oregon things such as hiking, camping, snowshoeing, being in the woods, at the ocean, recycling, backyard chickens, paddle boarding, wearing Birkenstocks and nag champa (Like I said, ALL the Oregon things)  I love all things food; eating, gardening, canning, fermenting, eating, cooking, meal planning, eating. I love to move. Dancing is definitely my favorite form of movement with boxing coming in at a close second but I also enjoy a little iron pumping. I workout to be strong and fit, to keep chronic pain far from me, to challenge myself, to be a badass and NEVER to tone up, burn off food or get a bikini body. I’m a newbie to meditation and not gonna lie, it’s changing my life.  I live in an airstream I renovated into a tiny house with my step-dad which means I know how to use so many freaking power tools! I have a cat named, “Tater Tot” who typically runs around and creates a ruckus 30 minutes before I want to wake up and then falls asleep on me when I need to get up.  I always have some sort of funny story/mishap from the week. There are sea lions in the Willamette river people (for real, it’s a thing)!!!

It’s not exciting but it’s important. I am a registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Oregon State University and completed a year long internship through them as well. I specialize in eating disorders, am trained in Health At Every Size, motivational interviewing and Intuitive Eating. I’m also a certified personal trainer but because the word “trainer” makes most people want to yak, I have chosen to call myself a movement coach. That fits what I do better anyway.

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