Meet Holly!

October 30, 2014

Hi everyone! I have another new volunteer/intern and she has been AMAZING in the short time she has been with me! I’m super excited to have her on board and wanted y’all to meet her. You’ll be seeing some stuff from her on the blog soon!


My name is Holly Robinson and I am currently a junior studying Dietetics at Oregon State University. Eating and living well has always been a value of mine. I thus look forward to working with nutrition every day and helping others as a dietitian. I am also obtaining a minor in exercise physiology. Becoming a sports dietitian is one option that I am considering.

The Pacific Northwest is where my heart is. I enjoy running, bicycling, cooking vegetarian dishes, and homebrewing. I currently work as a cook for a restaurant in Corvallis. It’s great receiving the chance to learn kitchen skills and work with new foods weekly!

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