September 28, 2013


Meet Family Carson! I work for this wonderful family and cook their breakfasts and dinners Monday through Friday. About once a month I get to cook for a dinner party. It’s super exhausting but also super fun. My “go to” has been thai food so far.

Ryan and Gill are super great people and do super cool stuff. They are a great team and have an amazing marriage.  Ryan is the founder and CEO of Treehouse.  Check it out. For real, check it out. He’s got a blog too. When he’s not working, he can be found working out,  building forts, reading, pushing the boys on the swings and hanging out with Gill.  He just got “Gillian” tattooed” over his heart. Yeah, she cried. Who wouldn’t? Ryan is a super caring individual and really wants his employees to be happy.   He doesn’t like shellfish, which makes me quite sad really, because I love them.

Gill (isn’t she gorgeous?!!) is the best mum (she’s from England) mine eyes hath ever seen!  She is super patient and always has fun stuff to do with the boys. She plans out themed weeks for them like, “volcano week” and “fire safety week.” I love watching her mother. I love her sense of humor and pretty much all of her clothes as well! She loves to garden, just recently became a master gardener, and has really great blog about gardening. It’s super fun sharing this similar interest with her and “talking shop.”  Her beautiful vegetable garden keeps me well (sometimes over) stocked with fresh produce to cook with and there are plans to put in an orchard this fall! Gill hates celery, which is pretty easy to work around and misses the good bread and sausages in the UK.

Jackson (age 6) wants to be a builder and is always inventing things. He loves learning how things work, whether it’s the new coffee maker, the steam cleaner, or the drip hoses in my garden.  As soon as he starts reading I think he’ll be able to fix anything that’s broken.  Right now he’s selling volcano kits that say, “Jackson’s Pretend Dangerous Toys” on the packaging he made with Gill. Jackson is currently obsessed with Minecraft and would play it all day if he could!  He despises eating most anything that is green and loves sweets.

Devon (age 3) is the cutest little wrecker of things you ever did see! Gill’s (all of them) terra cotta pots and Jackson’s Lego creations are just a couple of the tragedies he has left in his wake.  His little voice is disgustingly cute.  He likes to paint, play with and chase the dogs, climb on things and loves to watch Tomas the Tank Engine. Devon’s favorite thing to eat is “cheese and cwackas.”

Right now the Carsons have an exchange student from Kosovo named, Artir (age 17). He’s super fun to have around! He’s on the school soccer team and spends quite a bit of time on homework (I don’t miss those days a bit!). Artir eats like a typical teenager and food is definitely the way to his heart! He hates onions but I’m determined to get him to like them at least cooked in things before the school year is up!

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