How does my garden grow? August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013

How does my garden grow? Well a few weeks ago nothing too exciting was happening and now all sorts of things are going on! My garden has even stepped it up since last week when I took these photos!I harvested my first tomato! I was more excited about this than what may be normal but “whatevs” as the young kids say. 


I also have some super juicy and flavorful strawberries growing! I know it seems late for them but this variety steadily produces it’s fruit over a longer period of time rather than all at once. I specifically chose them because of this. Perfect for this single lady!


My basil is amazing this year! This harvest made a bunch of vegan pesto. I used walnuts instead of pinenuts this time because pinenuts are so expensive. It’s not as amazing as pinenut pesto but it’s still really gosh darn great. Seriously. 


Check out these beautiful carrots!


My poor kohlrabi! Between the tomatoes and the flowers I moved by them they don’t get enough light! They are supposed to be round and about the size of a fist but my current gardening practices have them stretching for the light!


This purple cabbage is finally almost ready! 


I have six pickling cucumber plants starting to produce!


I’ve harvested two zuchs so far! I love to grill them and smear a bit of pesto on them or top them with red sauce and feta. So good!


I’ve also started seeds for a fall and winter garden. I got them going a little late (my gardening life story) so we’ll see. I have decided (I think) to not buy starts if these don’t work out. We’ll see if I can hold to that.


Everything but the feta and dressing is from my garden! Greens and strawberries, steamed broccoli, pesto green beans, roasted onion, rutabaga,  and carrots! I had a decent amount of protein throughout my day so I didn’t stress about not really getting any with dinner.

 This is a super fun time of year in the garden for me! So much is happening! How does YOUR garden grow right now?

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