Diet equals gaining.

I haven’t always been the “non-diet dietitian.” There was a time when I wanted to be a weight loss coach. I had so many great ideas on creative ways to help people lose weight. I had even been saving low calorie recipes to put into my meal plans that would ensure weight loss! I was passionate about helping people lose weight because as we all know, being overweight and obese causes a host of problems like type-two diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and premature death. But what if we were wrong? What if the weight doesn’t actually cause these things? What if I told you that you could be fat and fit? What if I told you that being “overweight” could actually be protective? What if I told you that diets only have a 5% success rate (If you consider success of the diet long-term weight loss)? What if I told you that two-thirds of you who diet will end up weighing more in the end than you did before you started dieting? You’re probably scoffing now. I would have scoffed back in the day as well, but stay with me! Gobs of research, a  great book that summarizes the research, some special training, and what has turned into a movement has blown my mind, changed my life, changed my practice and forever changed the kind of dietitian I will be. This is something I have become passionate about and gladly soapbox whenever given the opportunity!  I’ll be blogging about “Health at Every Size” and walking you guys  through the book and my journey to becoming a “non-diet dietitian.” I hope it inspires you as it stresses the importance of self-care and healthy lifestyle choices because…you are worth it, not because you need to look a certain way. I hope it makes you want to buck our cultural norms as it exposes you to all the fatism (yes this is now a word) that is in our world. I hope it teaches you to enjoy foods (ALL FOODS) and more importantly to enjoy life because it’s just too damn short to spend 30 years (that’s how long the average woman spends dieting) counting calories at Christmas parties and punishing yourself at the gym. My life is more full because of it and I hope yours will be too!


Blog spot: my window seat (my favorite spot in my cottage)

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