July 12, 2013

hotday1 Hotday2Every other Friday I cook for a dinner party. It’s usually just Ryan, Gill, and one other couple. It’s nothing too huge. I always have fun cooking and I’m always exhausted when I’m done! I usually stick to my go to cuisine which is thai and this Friday was no different. I made chicken satay, a thai cabbage salad, and salad rolls. The produce in the cabbage salad was right from the garden. I have been making homemade coconut and mango ice cream for other dinner parties but didn’t have time this week since all the harvesting and prepping the fresh produce is taking more of my time (I also cheated on the peanut sauce and bought it instead of making it from scratch. Shhhh!) This week I did something SUPER easy. I layered fresh, local blueberries that Gill bought on Sauvie Island with Tillamook blackberry ice cream and garnished it with some mint from my garden (more on the blasted mint in my garden later) and it was a hit!

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