Jam Straight!


I made two batches of strawberry jam this spring. One regular and one with balsamic vinegar added. My first batch of strawberries came from Sauvie Island and the second batch came from the Portland Farmer’s Market. I started the first batch late one night when I realized the strawberries were on the verge of “turning” as my grandma would say. You can see from the photo that I had to throw out quite a few.  I didn’t have lemon juice so I ran to the Carson’s (I live in a cottage on their property) for a lemon. The lemon didn’t give me enough juice so I did a little internet research and learned that grapefruit juice would work so I ran back over and grabbed one of those. I also had to borrow a few of their big pots. There seemed to be a lot of running back and forth before I finally got started!


I washed and smooshed them up as fast as I could and then got things boiling. It smelled sooo good! The recipe made more than expected and so I learned to have a few extra jars and lids ready for the next time. I put some of the warm jam from my first batch over some sea salt and caramel ice cream and savored the hell out of it. SO, SO, SO GOOD!


I don’t really have much experience making jam so things got a little hairy for the first batch. I made a huge mess of my kitchen (a common theme, you’ll see) but on the second batch I felt like I was basically a pro and things went much smoother. All my lids sealed and my two batches are up on the shelf! Now to just fill the rest of my empty jars! I think I’m on to blueberry something next!

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