Forgive me for I have sinned

I hesitate to even admit this for fear that my other RD and foodie friends will shun me but I have committed an offensive sin over the last two years since moving to Portland. I have allowed my busy life to keep me from going to the farmer’s market. It’s awful and unthinkable, I know. I finally went last week with my friend and fellow RD, Amber. She showed me a great booth to get breakfast at. I got a leek bagel with cream cheese, jam, arugula, and BACON (I love bacon). I think I need to recreate this at home. Soon.


We sauntered through the market and I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the goodness. I love vegetables. Love to grow them, eat them, decorate with veggie prints and tea towels (the cool and “unkitchy” kind) and I like to just look at them all piled up at the market. Was I or was I not destined to have the jobs that I have?


Loved the heaps of carrots.


Loved the piles of onions.


Loved the colorful berries!

I ended up buying some tasty little cookies for a friend’s birthday along with strawberries and jostaberries. I’d never tried the jostaberries or even heard of them. They are pretty tart but tasty!


The weather was amazing and I had a great time with my gal pal. So thankful for that she brought me from darkness to light and it feels good to have this dirty little secret off my chest!

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