THS’s first blog post!

Yippe! My first blog post!  I’m excited to get this thing going!  In my blog posts you will find:

  • How does my garden grow? Watch the progression of my garden over the entire year. Get tips and recipes for seasonal pickings.
  • What’s cookin’? See what I like to make and eat!
  • Nutrition in the News-what’s floating around and what do I think about it? I also hope to use theses posts as a way to help you guys to discern reliable nutrition and health information.
  • Food Peace– posts how to clue into your body’s hunger and fullness cues, eat mindfully, enjoy and savor your food and not constantly be at war with counting calories and punishing yourself for eating bad foods.
  • Body Peace– I’ll be blogging about size and body acceptance, and more than likely ranting about how our culture makes this a difficult task for us.


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