Feeding ourselves has become really complicated. We’ve become freaking OBSESSED with it. The “should eat, shouldn’t eat, shouldn’t have eaten, must make up for eating…” are often constant thoughts on our minds, often with shame, guilt and anxiety right alongside them. Emotionally eating to numb out and cope, diet burnout, disordered eating, feeling like your floundering in a sea of constant messages about health, feeling like a failure, feeling like you are never doing it right, feeling like you aren’t enough… so much noise!

I believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. I believe that our bodies are the best experts; not the news, magazine articles, Dr. Oz (wince), me as your trusty dietitian, or even the latest research. YOUR BODY.  As babies and small children we were born with this innate trust in our bodies but we have lost it along the way. If you are ready to cut through all bullshit that is hindering you from being at peace with food and your body and listening to it’s cues on what it wants and needs then I’m glad you have found me.

I operate from a Health At Every Size (HAES) framework.  As a HAES practitioner I have pledged to the following:

  • To celebrate body diversity; honoring differences in size, age, race, ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, sexual orientation, religion, class, and other human attributes.
  • To challenge scientific and cultural assumptions
  • To value body knowledge and people’s lived experiences.
  • To help others find the joy in moving one’s body and being physically active and to do so myself.
  • To eat and help others eat in a flexible and attuned manner that values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite, while respecting the social conditions that frame eating options.

Because of this framework, I am ANTI-DIET, I do not do weight loss and proudly identify as a fat-positive dietitian. Mind blown? Confused? Let’s chat!

Could our team work make the dream work? I have no agenda for our work together. It’s guided by each individual client and where they are at. I’m here to help you develop skills and tools to get you to where you want to be.  Am I direct, no bullshit kinda gal that will challenge you? YUP. Do I also bring compassion, humor and cheering pompoms alongside that? YUP. (I don’t actually have pompoms but it may be something I should look into). I try to be as relatable as possible. This means I wear ripped jeans and no slacks to work. This means I don’t sit behind a desk during sessions. This means I swear (you may have noticed) and tell jokes and try my hardest to just let you be comfortable being you, who you are and where you are at.

Wearing my dietitian hat, I can help you work on your relationship to food. Wearing my movement coach hat, I can help you work on your relationship to movement.

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